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Our Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a great way of saving space and creating clean, modern lines in any room. They also help maintain privacy, regulate temperature, and protect from bright light outside. Ideal for a wide range of window styles, from standard windows to patio doors and French windows, our upright tilted blinds come in a variety of widths, drops, and fabrics.

Vertical blinds are surprisingly versatile: they work on bay windows, conservatory windows, and bedrooms. Our blackout vertical blinds are especially good for kids’ rooms as they prevent light from waking them up in the summer and stopping them from sleeping at night.

If you’re worried about safety, opt for a cordless vertical blind. We stock a variety of styles operated with a wand for ease of use. Our vertical blinds are created from polyester and are easy to maintain. Simply sponge clean or wipe clean with a soft cloth to restore your vertical window blinds to their best. This makes them ideal as kitchen blinds, where splashes and spills can be easily wiped clean. We also stock metal wooden vertical blinds, which are similarly hard-wearing and low maintenance. Grey vertical blinds are currently very popular, as are white vertical blinds. These neutral colors work well in almost any situation and with any style of decor.

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Why our vertical blinds?

  • Ideal for a large range of window styles

  • Variety of widths, drops and fabrics

  • Blackout available

  • Cordless and corded blinds

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